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What gets better rights than a gay American?

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If you answered battery hen you would be correct. That’s right folks, the fine constituency of California voted to give battery hens larger cages, so they could be more comfortable before slaughter (don’t think that egg-laying hens don’t get slaughtered because they do). Gay folks, you don’t even get a cage. Somehow the law has turned into Survivor and the gays (hey, that’s me) got voted off the fucking island. 43 states have now restricted our rights. Woohoo! I’m guessing once they’ve restricted our rights in all the states they can, the next step will be to set-up camps for us to go or maybe our voting rights will be revoked. Who knows…

Well, at least we won’t go down quietly. There are a series of protests being set-up nationwide for 11/15/08. So, if you’re interested in standing up and stating, gay people deserve civil, equal, human rights–just like the rest of the fine citizens of the United States, nows your chance.

Pop over to Join the Impact and see what’s going on. Find the location for your state and grab some friends and raise your voices at this injustice.


Written by justiceischeap

November 9, 2008 at 12:45 am

Posted in Rant

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